Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Seventh Angel is Here

As these words are being written, the country that I dwell in has experienced shock within the last 24 hours from the earthquakes in Colorado and in the Mid Atlantic Region. Hurricane Irene is on its way to the Carolinas but the destination of its coarse is left in suspense.

On the other side of the globe there is another shock that is taking place as well. A Holy Month is being observed by billions all over the world, but in a small but prosperous nation the Holy Month is being violated by warmongers and rebels. In these societies that observe “The Holy Month”, there is to be no fighting or quarreling as peace is the order of the day. This is also a time for atonement and reconciliation while war is to be stopped; to engage in war is a violation, disrespect, and an attack on God’s desire for peace.

When God is angry with the attackers of peace, He has a Law that returns the pain one inflicts on a person, community, and nation.  
I told you last week that the Reformer of the West warned America to back down from this attack or God will start destroying within America; unfortunately, America has rejected his guidance and warning and now we are at the beginning of reaping what America has sown.

If you take a look at the first earthquake that took place in Colorado, the report says that it was the biggest earthquake in that state since 1973. In 1973, a Chosen Man for the most oppressed people of the planet gave a lecture series called The Theology of Time; in this lecture series he taught us of an angel known as the Seventh Angel. This angel has one foot on land and the other on water and he taught us that the Seventh Angel will be responsible for destroying America for her crimes. The Chosen Man also said in this series that he is a forerunner and that the only man with divine power that will come AFTER him is that Seventh Angel. I will teach you more of this Angel and how he will use his power soon if it’s God’s will.

The next earthquake took place is Virginia and was felt through New York and the neighboring states; there are already reports of pipes being busted and power outages as well as other damages. According to the report, the last time Virginia experienced an earthquake of that magnitude was in the year of 1897.

In 1897 that Chosen Man for the most oppressed people of the earth was born into the world. He met a Master who taught him for 3 and a half years a knowledge and wisdom that had been hidden from the world. This man raised one who is among us today who is challenging the evil powers and forces that rule the world. This man among us is a man that you must reckon with and I will teach you about with God’s permission.

God has put his mark and signature behind his Angel and these calamities; we are at the beginning of sorrows and it will get worse.

Let us pray and seek refuge while two forces are at war and the wicked world is being torn down.

The Seventh Angel is here.

Brother George

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