Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Robbers and Thieves in Suits and Ties

There is a High Priest, a Reformer, a Healer, and an Enlightened One in the Western Hemisphere that spoke to millions of people on Saturday August 13, 2011 that declared that the people of America are not supporting the wars and conflicts in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and other countries that we may not know about. Millions gathered in the streets of Harlem, New York and via webcast and requested that this Reformer of the West speak on behalf of the people against these wars so the people of the nations know that it’s not the citizens of America that want war but it is the Robbers and Thieves in suits and ties that desire the shedding of blood to gain the riches of these nations.

The Reformer of the West explained to us how Colonel Mumar Gaddafi has free health care for his people as well as free education for his citizens that want to study anywhere around the world; he also shared that the people get a brand new car and are share holders in the profits that are made from the oil. The Reformer of the West explained that Europe lost 500 million dollars this year because Colonel Gaddafi put a satellite up that enabled the people of Arica to reap benefits from U.S. calls to Africa rather then Europe and Colonel Gaddafi wants an African Union that would unite the currency of the continent to be one as well as share the same economic ideas that would truly help and empower the people of the African continent.

This did not sit well with the Robbers and Thieves in suits and ties and now we have the shedding of blood.

The Reformer of the West gave guidance to Benghazi and told them to put their guns down if they are sincere and allow the people of Libya to choose what government they desire and Colonel Gaddafi will submit; however Benghazi must do the same if the people choose the government that Colonel Gaddafi has for the people. The Reformer of the West gave guidance to Africa that she should cut off trade with the West for a time and if Africa does this without fear then the West will eventually back down. He also mentioned China and Russia and how he previously warned those nations in a speech at the United Nations to NATO.

Today there will be a manifestation of who wants peace and who wants war. Let us all across the globe unite under the banner of peace and know that there are citizens in the U.S. that do not want you dead and have your best interest at heart. When you rise up, rise up in peace and when you unite, unite in peace.

Brother George

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