Monday, August 29, 2011

NATO is Boming Houses, Hospitals, and Schools!

What we have seen take place in America with the earthqueakes and Hurricane Irene are nothing more then WARNINGS from the Creator. The Reformer of the West had warned NATO and the United Nations of what is to come if attacks continue on Libya and others. There is much propaganda so it is difficult to discern the truth from falsehood; with that being said, watch this video and decide for yourself.

We must pray and come together as one if we want to overcome the evil forces of the world.

The Dragon is here with her seven heads... but Michael has stood up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Seventh Angel is Here

As these words are being written, the country that I dwell in has experienced shock within the last 24 hours from the earthquakes in Colorado and in the Mid Atlantic Region. Hurricane Irene is on its way to the Carolinas but the destination of its coarse is left in suspense.

On the other side of the globe there is another shock that is taking place as well. A Holy Month is being observed by billions all over the world, but in a small but prosperous nation the Holy Month is being violated by warmongers and rebels. In these societies that observe “The Holy Month”, there is to be no fighting or quarreling as peace is the order of the day. This is also a time for atonement and reconciliation while war is to be stopped; to engage in war is a violation, disrespect, and an attack on God’s desire for peace.

When God is angry with the attackers of peace, He has a Law that returns the pain one inflicts on a person, community, and nation.  
I told you last week that the Reformer of the West warned America to back down from this attack or God will start destroying within America; unfortunately, America has rejected his guidance and warning and now we are at the beginning of reaping what America has sown.

If you take a look at the first earthquake that took place in Colorado, the report says that it was the biggest earthquake in that state since 1973. In 1973, a Chosen Man for the most oppressed people of the planet gave a lecture series called The Theology of Time; in this lecture series he taught us of an angel known as the Seventh Angel. This angel has one foot on land and the other on water and he taught us that the Seventh Angel will be responsible for destroying America for her crimes. The Chosen Man also said in this series that he is a forerunner and that the only man with divine power that will come AFTER him is that Seventh Angel. I will teach you more of this Angel and how he will use his power soon if it’s God’s will.

The next earthquake took place is Virginia and was felt through New York and the neighboring states; there are already reports of pipes being busted and power outages as well as other damages. According to the report, the last time Virginia experienced an earthquake of that magnitude was in the year of 1897.

In 1897 that Chosen Man for the most oppressed people of the earth was born into the world. He met a Master who taught him for 3 and a half years a knowledge and wisdom that had been hidden from the world. This man raised one who is among us today who is challenging the evil powers and forces that rule the world. This man among us is a man that you must reckon with and I will teach you about with God’s permission.

God has put his mark and signature behind his Angel and these calamities; we are at the beginning of sorrows and it will get worse.

Let us pray and seek refuge while two forces are at war and the wicked world is being torn down.

The Seventh Angel is here.

Brother George

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Robbers and Thieves in Suits and Ties

There is a High Priest, a Reformer, a Healer, and an Enlightened One in the Western Hemisphere that spoke to millions of people on Saturday August 13, 2011 that declared that the people of America are not supporting the wars and conflicts in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and other countries that we may not know about. Millions gathered in the streets of Harlem, New York and via webcast and requested that this Reformer of the West speak on behalf of the people against these wars so the people of the nations know that it’s not the citizens of America that want war but it is the Robbers and Thieves in suits and ties that desire the shedding of blood to gain the riches of these nations.

The Reformer of the West explained to us how Colonel Mumar Gaddafi has free health care for his people as well as free education for his citizens that want to study anywhere around the world; he also shared that the people get a brand new car and are share holders in the profits that are made from the oil. The Reformer of the West explained that Europe lost 500 million dollars this year because Colonel Gaddafi put a satellite up that enabled the people of Arica to reap benefits from U.S. calls to Africa rather then Europe and Colonel Gaddafi wants an African Union that would unite the currency of the continent to be one as well as share the same economic ideas that would truly help and empower the people of the African continent.

This did not sit well with the Robbers and Thieves in suits and ties and now we have the shedding of blood.

The Reformer of the West gave guidance to Benghazi and told them to put their guns down if they are sincere and allow the people of Libya to choose what government they desire and Colonel Gaddafi will submit; however Benghazi must do the same if the people choose the government that Colonel Gaddafi has for the people. The Reformer of the West gave guidance to Africa that she should cut off trade with the West for a time and if Africa does this without fear then the West will eventually back down. He also mentioned China and Russia and how he previously warned those nations in a speech at the United Nations to NATO.

Today there will be a manifestation of who wants peace and who wants war. Let us all across the globe unite under the banner of peace and know that there are citizens in the U.S. that do not want you dead and have your best interest at heart. When you rise up, rise up in peace and when you unite, unite in peace.

Brother George

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A United Land of the Free

Over the summer, the humble country of Thailand experienced controversy as the people were divided between the Red shirts and the Yellow shirts. I had a deep concern that the country would remain in peace and not resort to violence after the outcome of an election that could bring in the first woman Prime Minister in Thai history. Here is a copy of a letter that I sent to the local newspapers before the election. The people of Thailand were in my prayers.

As we are days away from the election that could usher in the first female Prime Minister ever in Thai history, it is to my concern as a descendant of Thailand that regardless of what the outcome of the election is; peace, reconciliation, and unity is the order of the day and established. As I live in the West, my heart is troubled to hear of the shedding of blood and conflict arising in the East but more troubled by what potentially could take place in the near future.

We are living in a time, that everywhere all across the world, the oppressed of society are dissatisfied with the current conditions and as a result are rising up. Corruption in governments are being manifested and people are speaking that never had a voice to be heard.

On September of 2006 our Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was removed from office in a bloodless coup for allegations of using his position to enrich himself. What I write to you is neither for or against the two opponents of the election, Abhisit Vejjajiva and Yingluck Shinawatra, nor for or against Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra; however, I raise the question of can you name one Head of State or Government official that hasn’t used their position to seek personal financial gain?? If we can’t name one, then I humbly ask why did Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra get exiled out of Thailand after doing much work to rebuild and uplift the oppressed?

In a June 15th, 2011 interview, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra asked that Thailand would reconcile and unite. As your brother in the West who’s blood is of the East I ask that this will be the spirit of a people who are of the “land of the free”. I ask of you that whatever is the out come on July 3rd, there will be peace in the streets of Thailand and we work together in the best of manners to advance the conditions of the people. Let us not riot and shed blood which will justify Western Nations to intervene to solve the problems we could have solved on our own, while possibly later conquering and eventually shedding more blood.

There is much conflict in the world today and if war were to enter Asia, an alliance or union between Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Malaysia economically and militarily could keep South East Asia protected and strong; however we can’t unite with others if we first can’t unite with ourselves.

Gautama Siddharta (Buddha) once said “He is able who thinks he is able”. Let the Red and the Yellow, government and civilian come together and be able to work as one freely, justly and equally while being the cornerstone of a new era in South East Asia that is setting the example of reconciliation and unity across the world.

I pray that these words were of help to you as I anticipate the upward advancement of our people... you are the people, you are the power.

Brother George

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The time of the Bright and Morning Star, we are Here

Have you ever heard of the Bright and Morning Star in the scriptures? According to astronomy, the morning star is not really a star, it is the planet Venus. The bright and morning star is also the title or time that the Christ claims, however Lucifer claims it as well; so there is a fight between the two for the title and the particular time period of the rising of the morning star.

Satan’s rule officially ended in 1914 but something very interesting is taking place right now which marks the coming of Son of Man, Messiah, Christ, Mahdi, and the presence of God as Satan refuses to give up his rule.

As lighnting shineth from the east even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of
Man be. Mathew 24:27

God came from Teman and the Holy One from Mount Paran. Habakkuk 3:3

There has been One among us who has been chosen for a specific work at a specific time for a specific people who told us that 2004 would mark the end of God’s mercy and the coming down of this world as we know it (Satan’s rule).

What happened in 2004?

On June 8, 2004 the world witnessed something that only takes place around every 130 years which is the Venus Transit. The Venus Transit is similar to an eclipse but it cannot block the sun and it comes in time frames of pairs so the next one will be June 6, 2012. The last pairs were 1874 and 1882. I’m going somewhere with this so bear with me.

2004 is when President George Bush won another term in office which enabled him the ability to have more time to establish the will of his father and those that back him. In the 8 year time period between 2004 and 2012 we have witnessed the Presidency of Barack Obama who promised us change but there has been no change for the better because of what he came after and of coarse those that control him, which brings us to the reality that only God through His Christ and Messiah can bring about a true change. In this 8 year period we have seen the music take a dramatic and demonic turn like never before and culture in general has morally declined. But something magnificent took place in this 8 year period that is in alignment with God and His Universe and His Presence.

In January of 2007 a man who has been fighting for the liberation of the oppressed of the world with a specific assignment for the most oppressed group of people ever in history undergone a 12 hour surgery; this surgery was to correct the severe damage caused by the radiated seed implantation procedure he previously received to treat his prostate cancer which could have been fatal. This was his 3rd bout, within a decade, coming face to face with death and he survived. The first bout was bad enough as he was 2 to 3 minutes from death, but the question remains how did he survive 3 near death experiences? Is God present in this man?

On June 6, 2012 the world is preparing and awaiting the arrival of the Venus Transit or the Morning Star which is in alignment with the Mayan calendar which symbolizes the end of a time period and a beginning of a new one. This is the end of the 8 year gap which marks the beginning of  the Presence of God and the fulfillment of the return of Christ, Messiah and Mahdi. Don’t wait for someone to come up and say “hey I’m God or Christ”, just understand that we are in that time and what you read in the scripts are in fulfillment today.

There is more, God willing that we will cover but first get this basic understanding so you will grasp where I am taking you to if it’s God’s will.

To be continued.

Brother George

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Members of London community come together to clean up after riots, let's do the same at home

Operation #RiotCleanUp #Hackney #LondonRiots on Twitpic

The world is at an all time high with 100% dissatisfaction. We have watched the London riots from afar and are witness bearers that almost every nation on the globe could ultimatley face the same fate. As members of the London community come together to pick up the pieces that have been torn town, let us all build a foundation of unity and love in our nations, communities, and homes that will strengthen us when disappointment or injustice comes to our shores.

Brother George

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1.6 billion people are sacrificing food and water for God this month

For 1.6 billion people across the globe, this is a Holy Month to get closer to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. For years, monotheistic religions have been battleing each other while having more similarities then differences. Satan loves to see us divided by sex, race, creed, and religion but today his ideology and rule is over. Let us put and end to this by bringing the human family together under divine principalites and love for the Creator. Regarldless to what religion or sect you claim, find something to sacrifice to show your love for Him and study the revealed texts that has been given to you through his Prophets or Servants. The old world is going out and a new one is coming in... be in that number to make that change while bringing in a world of peace for the human family. Let this month be a month that marks a beginning of the human family coming together under One God.

Brother George

Monday, August 1, 2011

We are on a Sinking Ship!

America is in trillions of dollars of debt and it's not getting better. When a ship sinks it sinks slowly and most people don't know that it is sinking; that is what has been taking place with this dear country. But here's the problem... when a ship finally sinks, she takes everything down with her. If we are not wise and careful, we could go down with the sinking ship. I wish it wasn't like this but unfornuately it is. Here is a video explaining what we are facing. Be wise and be careful.


Brother George

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Government of Peace

So much is changing today at such a rapid pace; the world is moving fast but so many are dissatisfied. A Universal Change is underway and the forces that ruled for so long are in opposition to this change. Because the people cry, One will rise up to answer the call of the people and anoint those that will be ushers and cornerstones of a New World. You have the choice of allowing the opposing force to choose you or that One. The Hour is now... a Government of Peace is on the horizon.

Brother George